.NET MeetUp in Prague, CZ - 2017/7/19

Organized by Windows User Group, CZ

  • Event invite
  • About 140 attendees in first half, about 100 in the second half


  1. Introductions of speakers and .NET team members in the room – slide (on WUG)
  2. .NET Standard by Karel Zikmundvideo (25 min) and slides (on WUG)
  3. C# and .NET Core on Linux by Radka Janeková (30 min) – video (not available) and slides and demo code
  4. Challenges of Managing CoreFX repo by Karel Zikmundvideo (35 min) and slides (on WUG)
  5. BREAK
  6. Xamarin .NET internals by Marek Safarvideo (35 min) and slides
  7. .NET Native & CoreRT by Vitek Karas & Jan Kotasvideo (17 min) and slides (on WUG)
  8. .NET Core: Performance Revolution by Adam Sitnikvideo (25 min) and slides (on WUG)
  9. Portable .NET Core on Linux by Jan Vorlicekvideo (10 min) and slides (on WUG)
  10. Microsoft Engineering teams in Europe by Ela Moscickavideo (8 min) and slides (on WUG)