Hiring for .NET Teams in Prague, Czech Republic

As of 2019/9/18 we are officially announcing extension of our .NET teams in Prague, Czech Republic:

  • .NET Tooling team - see full job description where you can apply
    • We are adding 2 additional full teams (incl. manager position for each of them).
    • Positions: Software Engineer & Software Engineer Manager
      • Note: The manager position will be published later (over next couple of weeks) - in the meantime, please apply to the Software Engineer position above and mentioned you are interested in the manager position on the team.

Basic infornation:

  • Location: Prague, Czech Republic
  • Remote: No (we expect 60% presence in Microsoft Prague office)
  • Relocation: Yes
  • Visa sponsorship: Yes

Timeline: We expect to host a hiring event in Prague 11/18-11/20. We will conduct some interviews remotely/ad-hoc when candidate availability is limited at the time of the hiring event.

For context, we have hired during this summer 2 full teams which are already starting in Prague:

  • .NET Engineering Services team - see this blog post to learn what the team does (manager of the team will start in October). Note: Currently we are not looking for more applicants to this specific job position.
  • Base Class Libraries / Networking team - see this post to learn what the team does, and where it is heading (managed by ziki_cz). Note: Currently we are not looking for more applicants to this specific job position.

International teams working across time-zones

Note that the teams are part of larger international teams working across time-zones (esp. in US West-coast time-zone - PT, which is 9 hours behind CET time-zone in Europe, so 9am PT is 18 CET). Expect, that the job will require also occasional availability in US West-coast business hours.

It does not mean you have to work more or longer hours! Your work hours will be flexible, but the job will require you at times to attend some meetings, or communicate with some colleagues at hours outside of “classic” European business hours. While it is manageable, it is something to consider as it may impact your established schedule and it may require some flexibility from your side.

If you have questions, or concerns, please bring it up in your discussion with recruiters or hiring managers.

Note that our larger teams already have a few individual remote workers working from Europe, incl. Prague. Our US-based team members are used to working with remote workers in Europe and to accommodate to their availability limitations. We can share some of their experiences with you if it helps you to make a decision.


What if I am interested?

Apply to the Job Description above.

Do you have details about the job?

The job description pretty much sums it up. If you want to take a closer look at the work the .NET Tooling team is doing, check out their open-source repos and see for yourself:

What should I highlight in my resume?

Make sure you include things which are relevant.

Pro-tip: Great way to highlight your relevant experiences in resume/CV, is to start with first page as “cover letter”. Describe most relevant things and why do you think you are a good fit for the job position.

What should I expect from interview?

Check official description from Microsoft recruiters: How to ace a technical interview at Microsoft

You can also view my personal suggestions and resources I collected lately to help others grow and succeed in interviewing for Microsoft: Preparing for Interview at Microsoft … DISCLAIMER: These are personal opinions and view points, not official Microsoft guidance!